Should you be friends before dating someone

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Should you be friends before dating someone

Linux has made some serious headway over the past decade, elevating itself from “that open source operating system” to “wow, this thing is actually usable!

” There’s been a gentle but definite trickle of users away from Windows toward the freer option of Linux and maybe you’re thinking about making that leap. From an objective standpoint, there are real and compelling reasons why you should switch, but I’m not here to convince you one way or the other.

Here are some fundamental differences between Windows and Linux.

You visit some website, go to their download section, and click on the link that sends you an EXE file.

You run it and the program does its thing and that’s when you consider it to be “installed.” And when you want to remove programs, you have to mess with the Control Panel. With most Linux systems, you won’t have to deal with that anymore.

Every Linux computer is unique, and that uniqueness comes from having to personalize a bunch of settings to your hardware and setup.

If you made it this far in the article and still think Linux might be worth your time, then congratulations!

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All in all, the Linux environment really calls for a do-it-yourself mindset.

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